Oh no…

It happened. The kid climbed out of his crib.

Nap time today has been a shit show. We’ve been trying to get him to sleep for 3 hours. At one point early on, I succeeded but botched the transfer to the crib. We ultimately decided to try leaving him in his crib to fall asleep on his own, because that often works great for nap time.

…fast forward an hour, and suddenly we hear some strange rustling like someone is playing with the monitor. But no way, that’s impossible. 

Then the receiver starts chirping like it has lost connection to the transmitter. That is also impossible, but obviously we need to investigate. 

We run into the nursery, and the kid is standing with two feet on the ground, unplugging the monitor!! He sees us and smiles ear to ear and says “oh no!”

Oh no is right! Kyle confirmed that the kid had been left in his crib, which means that he has finally figured out how to climb out. 

This is clearly terrible news. We are not thrilled. I think it is obvious that this is a milestone no parent looks forward to!

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