Lewis highlights 

I realized this evening that I haven’t been recording milestones for Lewis very well, and there is so much fun stuff going on with him that I will regret not writing some of it down. So here are some highlights for the kid:

He has really started stringing words together. Right and left you hear mini sentences coming out of him. Today, for example, he said “I’m funny” for the first time. It has quickly gone from jibberish that he thinks is talking, to somewhat intelligible communication. There is still a lot of “yes” and “no” (thankfully more “yes” than “no”), but real communication is picking up. And he understands pretty much everything we say, so we have had to start spelling key words like “shower”, “bath”, “candy”, and “walk”.

It seems like kiddo’s 2 year molars are coming in. He has been munching on his fingers and not sleeping well, which are dead giveaways. As a matter of fact, he has only slept through the night 3 times in the last 8 days, and those were the nights I gave him tylenol or ibuprofen! But at least during the daytime he has been normal and sweet, unlike the last time molars were on their way.

Lewis learned the moves to itsy bitsy spider at school about a month ago, and now he loves to sing that song so much! He also really likes to do row row row your boat and act out rowing by pulling on your hands/arms.

His favorite book is called “hands hands fingers thumb”, and he is obsessed. My mom gave it to us a week ago and I think we have read it an average of 10 times a day every day since. I’m sure it could get annoying, but I’m just so happy he is finally interested in reading that I haven’t gotten annoyed yet.

Lewis has even started counting recently. Or at least chanting numbers in the semi-right order. Another product of going to school!

He is getting more adventurous in his eating, finally willing to chew more things. I’m sure this is a product of going to school as well! We still do a lot of pouches just to make sure he is getting loads of veggies and fruits, but they’ve become more of a supplement rather than the main course. 

We’ve got kiddo’s first dentist appointment coming up this week. I can’t promise to remember to write about it afterwards, but I’ll try. 

All in all, Lewis is in a pretty cool stage at 21 months. He can be trying and frustrating, but this seems to be a time of immense change and explosive learning, which is always amazing to witness, as a parent. He makes me so proud!