Hell day

Today I traveled to Seattle for work. My day started at 430, getting out of bed and ready to go. 

I ended up in an uber to the airport since it is too snowy here for me to drive. The driver almost spun us twice. 

Flight was delayed, but we got to Seattle. Our meetings went very well and we headed back to the airport around 2pm.

Our 4pm flight got cancelled due to ice in Portland. Next available flight wasn’t until 1030 pm. We camped out in the business lounge for 7 hours, with the exception of dinner time.

Finally get on the flight home, catch an uber because the max was stopped due to ice. 

Walk through the door at midnight only to hear my son screaming from his bedroom.

I go in to comfort him, exhausted but happy to see my kid for the first time all day. 

It is now 245 and I have been in here for almost 3 hours. I have been awake for over 22 hours. I can’t get the kid back to sleep. And I can’t stop crying.

And I have to get up and work in the morning. 

Update: I got 3 hours of sleep before Lewis woke up for the day screaming again.