Crappy sleeper

Let’s face it, people. Lewis is a crappy sleeper. After over 21 months of this, it’s just a fact.

I hear that all kids eventually figure it out, but I am getting pretty desperate for “eventually” to arrive. Especially now that I am pregnant! In this condition, I end up plenty tired all on my own. I don’t need Lewis’s help on that.

Kiddo has good nights here and there, but there are few cases where those good nights string together into long stretches. It’s like the stars have to align for him to sleep through, and the unpredictability is very frustrating. 

Not to mention how incredibly long it takes him to fall back asleep once he awakens! Geez!

I can only hope the new baby is a better sleeper. I need a better sleeper this time around. 

Update: it has been 2.5 hours and the demon is still awake. I have decided that all I want for my birthday next month is a week in a hotel alone. I can come home during the day, but I want to sleep alone in a giant bed with no one around to wake me up or make any noise. Or maybe I can return Lewis to the baby factory for repairs, because his sleep settings are completely broken. Definitely not what I ordered. I wonder if the storks do pickup.