The kid had his first dentist appointment today! After rescheduling due to snow, we finally made it in.

The goal was not to do a cleaning. For kids this young they just want to peek in to check for major issues and start getting them used to what happens at the dentist so it isn’t scary later.

Lewis sat all by himself in the chair like a big boy, but he wasn’t too interested in opening up. Mostly he just sat there and stared at the dentist and hygienist. But there were no tears and no screaming! They did even get a couple small peeks in there and said everything looks fine.

So I’d call the visit a success! Go Lewis!

Up with kiddo again tonight after a better night last night. Just once so far tonight, and I think he’s on his way back to dreamland after a dose of tylenol. 

But the real win here is that I planned ahead better for this. I wore leggings to sleep and had more layers ready next to my bed just in case Lewis woke up. So I am bundled and finally not cold.

Not being cold while I sit here is helping me stay patient and less angry. I wish I didn’t have to plan to be awake, but since it is a regular occurrence, might as well do some minor planning ahead and avoid freezing to death! If only it hadn’t taken me this long to figure that out!