Big day

​Today was kind of epic. Why? Many reasons. 

  1. I got our taxes done and we are getting back twice as much as we needed. (Hello maternity leave!)
  2. I took a mommy break and went fabric shopping for a couple of the baby quilts I have in progress for friends’ babies. I also got myself tacos and a frosty. Because I’m worth it. And, well… the baby wanted them.
  3. I didn’t wear the sea bands all day and I didn’t feel sick at all.
  4. I didn’t gag while brushing my teeth.
  5. We are hosting Lewis’s cousin for a sleepover and we somehow got both of them fed, bathed, in jammies, and asleep without a ton of drama.

I am now putting myself to bed at 8:30 on a Saturday in preparation for Lewis to be up in the middle of the night, me to be up to pee 5 times, and my niece to be up early. Gotta try to sneak in some zzzz’s where I can so tomorrow can be just as kickass as today was.

Also, how cute are the kids?


Lewis volunteered some information for us this morning. He stuck his finger in the back of his mouth and very clearly said, “ouch. Mouth hurts”.

He’s been sleeping better the last few nights with ibuprofen (instead of tylenol), which said to me that I was right when I guessed he was in pain. He is not sick, so the only source of pain I could come up with was teething. I have suspected for weeks, and now it is confirmed.

It is hard to know for sure sometimes, because when you ask him questions he will usually just repeat what you say. But this morning he said that his mouth hurt without anyone asking. Easier to believe that he is genuinely communicating something!