2 year molars? Is that you?

Me: “why are you throwing tantrums all the time today Lewis?”

Lewis: “waaaaaaah!” *kick hit punch*

Me: “this is familiar. Try this teething toy”

Lewis: *stops crying* “gawd. Finally mom.”

Me: *headdesk*

Hi baby!

Yesterday I had my 12 week ultrasound. My mom came with me and it was so special and exciting.

Kiddo was super active and wild. His/her hands were in constant motion! Watching the action was a little glimpse into who this tiny person is. It was like we were getting to know him/her!

This window into the action made me feel so connected and even more excited. Knowing a little bit about my new tiny human makes me want to know more!

There I go again trying to fast forward! But the point is, seeing baby yesterday was thrilling and I love him/her already!