14 weeks

Here is a picture of us at 14 weeks!
The main highlights this week included me coming down with a stuffy nose, the kid sleeping through the night 5 out of 6 nights (SAY WHAT?!), and me turning 30.

THIRTY! Wow! Yesterday was my birthday, and it was easily my best birthday ever.

I got ready for the day and headed out with my mom for shopping, lunch and a surprise prenatal massage! I am now loaded up on maternity clothes and easy-to-slip-on shoes. I am happy to be able to say bye-bye to my old, worn out maternity pants and all my high-heeled shoes now that I have significantly awesome-er replacements.

After a delightful lunch downtown, mom tricked me into “running an errand” to a nearby salon, where she checked us in for massage appointments. I was totally surprised and thrilled and emerged an hour later feeling totally spoiled and relaxed.

Later in the evening we had dinner at our house with family and friends. It was a small get-together with just a handful of my favorite people. I felt like it was proportionate to how I felt about my birthday – big enough to feel celebratory, but not a crazy party. I am happy to be 30, with no crisis or strange feelings about the milestone, but I didn’t feel like it warranted a big hullabaloo. I’m growing a kid and being a mom and I feel like those things are bigger than my birthday, so I didn’t want to blow up the birthday thing too much.

Anyway, the food was fabulous, which I wasn’t surprised by, because my mommy cooked it all and she is the best cook! And the cake was awesome too. Pregnancy made me steer away from anything chocolate, so mom indulged a bit of a different birthday cake request this year and did a white cake with white frosting and lemon filling. The baby wanted it, so the baby got it!

Another fun fact… the baby is apparently the size of a lemon this week. It’s kind of fun to think about the baby’s size matching my cravings!

All-in-all, I’m feeling great even with this silly cold. As far as pregnancy ailments go, I’m feeling pretty lucky, especially considering that a lot of my less pleasant symptoms have continued to wane in the last week.

I have needed to pee far less frequently at night time (0-2 times, instead of 4-5!), and my shoulder and hip hurt a lot less. However, my knee still hurts so bad some days that I can’t even climb the stairs without cringing, but that’s not every day, thank goodness!

I’m getting fewer pimples – not zero pimples, but fewer – and somehow I’m also getting dry skin on my forehead despite no changes to my beauty routine whatsoever. I also have lovely, long, strong fingernails which grow so fast I can hardly keep up. And I’ve enjoyed fewer headaches, although they have yet to disappear entirely. That may be due to the minor cold I have, though. So we’ll see how things go as I feel better.


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