15 weeks

Here is a fun little bump picture of me and the kiddo at 15 weeks. When I was pregnant with Lewis at 15 weeks, I was visiting my best friend Brittany in Austin. This time around, it’s business as usual!

A small observation of my 15 week bump: my belly seemed to pop out almost immediately with this pregnancy, but since the initial “pop”, it kind of hasn’t grown. All my bump pictures look basically the same! So funny how my body is so different this time around.

The itty bitty baby is now 4 whole inches long, which blows my mind. And his/her legs are longer than his/her arms, which feels like a major accomplishment for such a small person. Way to go, baby!

Enough about me and the tiny person inside of me. I want to talk about the tiny person who is already out in this world. He has been doing so many fun/sweet things lately that I never want to forget. So I better write them down!

  • When he gives you a kiss on the lips, he wipes your mouth with his hand to get the slobber off.
  • He has started to learn the words to a lot of his favorite songs, so he will chime in and sing all the words he knows. This sometimes translates to singing only the first or last word of the whole song. SO CUTE.
  • He calls his belly “bunny”. Actually, he calls all bellies “bunny”.
  • Speaking of bellies, when he gives kisses to the baby in my “bunny”, he always blows raspberries instead of giving kisses. It is kind of gross and slobbery, but so funny. And I like to imagine the baby freaking out and kicking a ton when he does that, although I don’t really feel anything to confirm that image.
  • Every time he hears a car outside that is even a little louder than average, he runs to the back door and yells “Daddy’s home!”
  • The other day he ate a tomato. I had cut up a tomato and drizzled it in olive oil, salt, and pepper to eat as a side with some pierogies. I put a few chunks on his plate to see what would happen, and he stabbed them and ate them! Granted, he made some pretty funny faces. But he ate them!
  • Speaking of eating, his appetite has been through the roof lately. I’m really looking forward to his 2 year appointment to see how much he has grown with all this fuel he is giving his body!
  • Speaking of pierogies… I asked him recently if he wanted some pierogies, and he clearly thought I had asked him if he wanted some “piggies” because he walked over to me, sat down, took off his socks, shoved his feet at me, and said “wee wee wee!!!!” So we sang the “this little pierogi went to market” song and had a good giggle.
  • Kyle has started doing bedtime. He thinks it goes better when I don’t even come upstairs with them. So I just sit on the couch sewing and/or watching TV and listen to the screaming coming down the stairwell. The screaming is getting shorter in duration, however. And Kyle is turning into the king of bedtime.
  • Lewis has slept through the night a lot lately. The last three nights? Not so much. But the 10 days prior to that? Heck yes! With more sleep, he is full of joy and enthusiasm, and is much more low key. The whole family has been happier lately due to more sleep. Hopefully he strings together a few more good nights, starting tonight.
  • Lewis has been taking things apart lately, like a chain of toy train cars, and declaring them “broken”. He does so with much delight, and then puts them back together and says proudly, “I fixed it!”
  • I have lost count of how many small sentences he can produce. It is truly astounding how well he can communicate.
  • The kid is obsessed with Daniel tiger
  • We still cannot see any visual signs of his 2 year molars, despite obvious symptoms such as constant chewing on fingers/toys, night wakings, and verbally telling us his mouth hurts. These suckers are slow movers!
  • He loves pears. So, so much. Every time he finishes a serving of pears, he brings you his bowl and says, “more pears please!” This is troublesome only when you run out of pears…
  • My very favorite thing is when he sticks his hand under the collar of my shirt and rests his hand on my heart while falling asleep. He has been doing that for ages, but it never stops being special.

One thought on “15 weeks

  1. I love this! I need to make sure and write more about Killian in my posts, I find myself reporting on new baby and my pregnancy but the little dude is pretty important too. Look forward to our get together this weekend


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