16 weeks

Voila! 16 weeks!
Baby and I visited the doctor today and I discovered why my bump doesn’t look like it is growing much: I haven’t gained hardly any weight in the last 4 weeks! I am exceptionally proud of this fact, because with Lewis I was porking up like crazy already at this point, thanks to all the carbs and frosting he wanted. This time around, I certainly haven’t been depriving myself – nay, alas! I feel like I’m eating/indulging nonstop! – but the kiddo seems to want things that are healthy enough (healthy-ish?) that they’re not packing on excess pounds that baby and I simply don’t need. What a welcome change!

Other than that fantastic news, baby has a healthy heart rate of 140 beats per minute, and I am armed with recommendations to help with the pesky headaches I can’t seem to shake. I also found out that my allergy medicine is pregnancy-safe, so when seasonal allergies hit, I don’t have to suffer! (WHAT?! YAY! Such a great surprise!)

Sadly, the doctor had no recommendations for how to cure my bitchy, negative mood, and simply gave me sympathy for my joint pain and round ligament pain. I guess sympathy is nice, as opposed to pointing and laughing…

In summary, my physical health is top notch and all my symptoms are normal (if not regrettable). My mental health is average, with the bitchiness impossible to keep at bay (dangit!), and some slight panic at the fact that I’m already 4 weeks away from halfway and omg things are going too fast and I need time to stop!

Seriously. In 1 month, I’ll be halfway through this. I feel like it just started. And because it is going so fast, I feel like it is almost over already! And I can’t bear for this to almost be over! All of these feelings of warp-speed pregnancy are leading me to mourn the end of my time as a pregnant lady waaaaaaaaay too early. I wish I could think of it as “still having 24 weeks to enjoy” instead of “Doom! Gloom! It’s over! I’ll never be pregnant again!”

Funny that I’m mourning my pregnancy when I’m experiencing more discomfort than I did with Lewis. You’d think I’d be happy that it is speeding by so I could get out of it and back to normal. But nope! I want this special, last pregnancy of mine to last forever! Because even when I’m uncomfortable and angry and mean, I’m so stinking happy to be pregnant and growing our family that the side effects matter naught.

Okay. Time to turn off my neuroses and go back to trying to fool the world into believing I’m normal and kind and not-at-all-crazy.