Overdoing it

Today I overdid it for the first time this pregnancy. That feels like a telltale sign of being well and truly pregnant, and I guess it means I’ve ushered in a new era of this pregnancy.

I remember this happening last time too, much in the same way. I am going about my day, feeling fine, and then I pay for the over-activity later. I never know I’m overdoing it until I’ve already overdone it!

Today was super fun, out and about with my mom and Lewis, and part of the day with my step-dad too. We had a wonderful time, but when we got back from our last stop, my heart was racing and I was short of breath. I knew that I was thirsty, and I hadn’t had access to a glass of water in a while. So my mom let me sit down for a bit and I had a huge glass of water and quickly started to feel normal again.

Fast forward to now, several hours later, and my back is killing me and I feel like I could fall asleep standing up!

Such a disproportionate reaction to a semi-busy day really makes me feel pregnant. My body is so different now than it is when I’m not baking a baby!