Sick baby boy 

We’ve been pretty lucky with toddler illness this season, but kiddo has was struck down today.

He was sent home from school with a fever, and because I was so busy at work, Kyle had to move around some meetings and go pick him up.

We thought it was just a cold, but kiddo has now thrown up twice. There was a long enough break between the two episodes that we got tylenol in him and got the fever down, but poor guy is feeling really crummy. 

Kyle has a bad cold himself, and he’s been a real trooper through it all. He is up against a deadline at work and still left early, and both barf fountains landed on him. (His first time as the target of projectile vomit! He made it almost 2 years!) And he hasn’t complained one bit.

I’m geared up for a long night with little sleep. Kiddo has already woken up sad twice in the first 1.5 hours he was down. I have sweats next to the bed to cuddle up in when I have to get up so I don’t get cold, and I have my hair up so it is somewhat out of the way of puke.

Being a parent is so glamorous!

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