On the mend

This seems to have been a fast moving bug. Kiddo did sleep relatively well, considering he was ill. He woke up at 5am with the fever raging, but I gave him tylenol and we both got to sleep until 8 with the aid of meds.

The fever hasn’t come back, and the barfing has stayed at bay today. Kiddo has even dared eat a few things. Phew!

As the day goes on, sweet buddy has been showing more and more signs of feeling well, including a party on mommy and daddy’s bed that included a lot of jumping!

I always hate it when the kiddo is under the weather. It is such a relief that this didn’t last long. 

One thought on “On the mend

  1. YAY! so glad to hear he is feeling better, definitely not fun to have them under the weather. Happy St. Paddy’s day Knees family


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