Poor little Lewis has been coughing himself awake at night the past couple nights and has been so upset by the experience that he can’t get himself back to sleep. So I’ve ended up in his room both nights.

The first night, he didn’t want to be picked up, but he wanted me close, so I made a nest on the floor and laid there forever until he fell back asleep.

Last night he at least allowed me to sit in the chair. In fact, he even wanted to be held. He ultimately fell asleep upright on my shoulder, which was so adorable and precious. But before that, he was laying in my arms across my lap and treated me to an even more adorable and precious moment – he was resting on my belly, and the baby was kicking me from the inside. It was like a little sibling cuddle-puddle in my lap, and I melted!

Of course, now I’m exhausted. Work has been crazy and mentally exhausting for weeks, less sleep than normal the last couple nights, and pregnancy to top it all off. Well, it’s a recipe for a sleepy “mombie”.

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