Today it was my sweet husband’s turn to enter his 30s. He didn’t ask for much (wise man – after that car purchase, he knew where to set his expectations). So I tried to give him everything he wanted.

Family beach trip yesterday? Check!

Lewis snuggles? Check! 

Blueberry muffins for breakfast? Check!

Grandma’s chicken? Check! (Provided by Kyle’s dad)

Garlic mashed potatoes? Check!

Angel food cake? Check! (Provided by my mom)

Family and friends at dinner? Check!

Car wash kit? Check! (I played elf to make sure he got it)

He also got some pretty spectacular gifts in addition to the things I influenced. He was super excited about all of that, but I think most of all he was happy that people showed up for him and gave them the gift of their time. 

After a crazy weekend, with today being the crazier of the two days, my entire pregnant body hurts. But it was all worth it because Kyle seemed to feel properly celebrated and very satisfied with his 30th birthday. He is so deserving, and I hope he felt as loved as he is by me, Lewis, and all of the family and friends who came today.

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