20 weeks

Whoa! Halfway already!


According to the emails, the baby is now measured including its legs, whereas before it was only measured head-to-butt because it was so curled up (Ha! my battered bladder begs to differ!). This means that babies at this gestational age suddenly go from 6 inches tall last week to about 10 inches tall this week. I am interested to see how tall our baby actually is tomorrow at our anatomy scan!

Yes, that’s right… TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY. We check for all the parts and guts tomorrow! I have been looking forward to this day since before we even got pregnant. I can’t wait to find out 1) that baby is healthy and has all its parts and guts, and 2) whether baby is a boy or a girl. (!!!!!!!)

The waiting has gone on so long that it has felt like I would be waiting forever. It is mind boggling that tomorrow we’ll know, and the wait will be over.


I’m feeling pretty great. Physical discomforts are minor and manageable (dry skin, digestion, round ligament pain, general aches when I overdo it, end-of-day fatigue, etc), but the overwhelming feeling this week is that I am loving my (gigantic!!!) belly.

I anticipate a massive weight gain on the scale at the doctor’s office tomorrow, because I feel like I am looking quite fat in places other than my baby-belly. This is no surprise, because I have been over-eating. It is not a mystery how one gains weight, and I knew from last pregnancy that my will power is pretty pathetic.

I am trying my darndest not to feel upset by my general body-expansion, and most of the time I succeed. I’m just so happy and I love the baby-belly so much that the overall puffiness is easier to see as a benign side-effect. I know from experience that I can lose the weight once baby is here, so I think it is best for me and baby if I defer the stress for “future Carolyn” to deal with. Although I promise I will bravely continue my efforts to build stronger will power in order to keep the problem to a relative minimum.


Kiddo #1 started his new daycare today! I, of course, was unable to sleep well last night because of the nerves ahead of the big day, but Lewis was totally fine. I dropped him off, and he walked in like he owned the place. He was the first kid there, so he grabbed some toys and got down to business. He didn’t even care that I left, because he was already having so much fun.

I got texts throughout the day from the teacher, including some adorable photos. I was informed that Lewis had found every single toy car they have in the house within about 30 minutes of me leaving, and it sounded like he remained in good spirits the whole day. The report at the end of the day was that he ate everything, he napped well, and there were no tears. Woohoo!


Kyle’s party yesterday was only the beginning of what is sure to be a crazy, celebration filled week. Tomorrow Kyle and I both take the day off to go to the anatomy scan and celebrate the news, and later in the day we will have some family over to celebrate the reveal of #2’s gender. Then on Thursday my dad arrives for Lewis’ 2nd birthday shenanigans. Of course, that means Lewis’ birthday is Friday, and Lewis’ big joint birthday party with his buddy Killian is Saturday. Lots and lots of fun to be had, and lots and lots of exhaustion ahead for this pregnant mama. Worth it? Totally. 100%

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