2 years old

Baby Lewis is 2 years old today. At this time 2 years ago, I believe we were all watching a Flip or Flop marathon on HGTV and enjoying the peace my epidural gave us. I was getting flipped and flopped from side to side like a pancake at regular intervals (for whatever medical reason the nurses gave which I now can’t remember), Kyle and my mom took turns touching my foot to remind me it was there (I couldn’t feel anything!), and we were waiting for progress and for Lewis to grace us with his presence.

It’s hard to understand that 2 years has gone by already. I remember the beginning so vividly that it feels like it couldn’t have possibly been that long since Lewis joined us on the outside! It took me the whole past year to adjust to the fact that he was 1, and now I have to start over getting used to him being 2.

Stop it, time. Just stop.

Every single day of the last two years has been a mixture of challenging and wonderful. Lewis has taught me about extremes – rarely is anything balanced or neutral in the world of parenthood. Being a mom is all about feeling both ends of the spectrum simultaneously at all times. It is confusing and spectacular, and I love it so much that we’ve signed up for another little tornado-child! I just can’t get enough of being Lewis’s mom, so I’m adding another kid to try to “get enough”. Although I suspect it is simply not possible to “get enough” when it comes to being a mom!

Lewis’ arrival changed everything. He made everything harder, he made everything sweeter, he made everyone tired, and he made everything better. I’m so lucky to be his mom. These last two years were an honor, and they’re the start of forever. I can never not be Lewis’ mom now. What a wonderful thing to know.