Lewis’ eating

Kyle and I have been feeling challenged by Lewis’ eating for a long time – AKA most of kiddo’s life – and after the doctor’s appointment yesterday, the frustration has risen. Feeding Lewis almost feels urgent, like a job to do instead of something to enjoy. And I’m sure that Lewis can sense the anxiety and desperation Kyle and I feel, which can’t help the situation. I mean, who wants to eat when all the fun is taken out of it?

But the problem can’t be ignored, because he has dropped so far off of the growth curve he set for himself earlier in his life.

Of course, the underlying concern in my mama-brain is that there is potentially something worse going on health-wise that is keeping Lewis from eating, or from absorbing his food properly to gain weight. The doctor didn’t mention anything like that, but it is so easy for me to make that jump. If we can’t solve the problem through simple altered eating habits, then we have to look at much scarier explanations.

My grocery list is currently full of super fatty things that I am hoping Lewis will be interested in. That isn’t great news for my probable continued weight gain, but if that is what has to be on the menu in order to make my child healthy, then I’m on board. I’ll even resort to gimmicks, like cutting his food into shapes, if I have to!

The good news in all of this is that daycare is already taking this seriously. His teacher sent me a picture this morning of Lewis with a cheese stick and a bowl of peanut butter, captioned “Operation Bulk Up Lewis is underway!”. Go team!

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