Lewis’ birth is finally paid off! We just made the final payment to the OBGYN after just over 2 years.

That. Feels. AMAZING.

Sometimes it feels like we’ll never get rid of all our medical debt, what with all of Lewis’ pediatrician bills (plus interest… grumble) due to all of his illnesses before he got ear tubes, and Kyle’s dental bills for the oral surgery he needed a few years back. But we got rid of one bill today, and that is nothing to scoff at.

I’m grateful that we have better insurance with baby #2 so we don’t have to pay $10k for the birth this time around. Even if it costs more each month out of pocket, we end up better off in the long run.

You know what would be the best though? If the insurance/healthcare system was fixed so people didn’t have to drown in debt in order to keep their families healthy. Just sayin.