22 Weeks

Baby Girl and I are growing, growing, growing. Here we are today, at 22 weeks.


According to all the weekly emails, baby has *probably* passed the 1 lb mark this week! That feels like a huge milestone – she actually weighs something. She is also as tall as a barbie doll. A one pound barbie doll – how cute!

We made some progress yesterday in the baby’s room, which feels really exciting. It was just moving a few things around, but the clean-out and reorganization is the first step towards having a room ready for our sweet girl. The efforts resulted in quite a bit of stuff to take to Goodwill, and there is something about getting the junk out of our house that really feels satisfying, even independent of baby-prep.

I also took inventory on the baby clothes we have for Baby Girl so far, and found that there were some interesting gaps in our collection – like in one size, we have plenty of onesies, but literally no pants! I made notes about what categories are missing for each size up to 12 months, and eventually, we’ll fill those gaps in.

Sweet girl has continued to be super active, partying hardest at Lewis’ bedtime while I’m resting on the couch. Don’t get me wrong, she parties basically all day too (does she ever rest?)! Late evening is just when she really gets her groove on.

Names. We’re working on names. My beloved Granny was in town for Easter this weekend, and we discussed family names over a very fancy meal. Kyle and I sure do have a lot of thinking to do now, with a few winners added to the list. It is going to be so hard to pick!


I had the unfortunate experience of seeing a “throwback” picture of myself at 18 years old today – in a bikini. You know, back when I was working out 3-6 hours a day playing water polo. Needless to say, I feel pretty huge and gross after seeing that picture. I am currently beating myself up for not appreciating how awesome my body was back then, and cursing myself for being unable to resist the ravenous pregnancy hunger.

Other than that, I’ve been feeling pretty good, physically. My main complaints are dry skin on my face and hands, and not being able to do as much during the day without burning out. Today’s little “extra” is that I am just so tired. I got plenty of sleep last night, but I have been dragging since the moment I opened my eyes. I can barely function. I’m guessing Baby Girl is going on a growth spurt and needs my energy to make it happen. *yawn*


The kid has been showing some signs of improvement on the eating-front. Yesterday was Easter, and he wolfed down everything in sight AND kept asking for more. I repeat!!! He was asking for more food!

And not only did he eat like a normal person yesterday, he was also exceptionally well behaved while we were at my mom’s house. He played mostly independently, didn’t try to throw himself off the stairs, stayed near the table (if not in his chair) during dinner, didn’t throw tantrums, and even used his manners here and there. I was just so darn proud of my little dude yesterday!

All- in-all, life was pretty good at our house this last week. Here’s to hoping the week to come is productive, peaceful, and healthy. Go team!

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