Also oh no

Today Lewis ate an eggo, a few cups of milk, some yogurt with raspberries, a few kernels of popcorn, half a slice of cheese, a tortilla chip, 2 beans, and a bite of toast.

I’d estimate his caloric intake at about 600-700 calories, if I’m generous. He needs 1000-1100 to gain wait like a normal toddler.

I don’t know where we went wrong, but we obviously went wrong somewhere, because this is going worse than before the doctor told us we needed to work on his weight. 

Whether we pay special attention to his eating or not, he doesn’t eat enough. The only thing that has really changed is that I feel worse about it than I did before.

And I’m pretty sure we are on a path towards messing up Lewis’ relationship with food permanently. So that feels good.

Oh no!

I just returned from visiting a friend who recently had a baby. Dropped off some food, snuggled the little screamer (she was soooo precious!!!), and caught up with mom and dad. It was so lovely and made me even more excited to meet my own little bundle of cuteness.


I arrived home to some not so great news about how nap time had gone.

Kyle informed me that he left Lewis in his crib, as per usual, and went downstairs. Next thing he knew, Lewis was downstairs too. Pantsless.

That’s right! The kid took off his socks and pants, climbed out of his crib, opened his door (new skill!), and came down the stairs.

Dammit. Not sure how to handle any of that, other than closing the baby gate at the top of the stairs to at least avoid the biggest risk for injury.

But… big boy bed? Childproof doorknob? What to do, what to do…