7 months?!

I just ordered my lunch and the lady taking my order guessed I was 7 months pregnant. Hehe!

Nope! Still 4 months to go! Just 5 months along here!

Guess this dress hugs the bump pretty closely. Ha!

3 thoughts on “7 months?!

  1. Almost 6, who’s counting ;-), but what a shocker! She must not have had kids…I think you look fantastic!


    1. Depends on how you count! I figure with the 9-ish calendar months from conception to due date, I’m almost exactly 5 months, with 4 to go. But if we’re counting “lunar months” AKA 4 weeks in a month, then you’re right! And thanks, I feel fabulous!


      1. yeah I count the weeks and that’s how I got 6 months, but I get ya. Either way, doing good mama, keep it up!


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