WTF, daycare

We found out something interesting yesterday – the teacher at Lewis’ new daycare is leaving.

This makes me a little uncomfortable, since the daycare owner seems to be scatterbrained and the whole operation is kind of unstructured. But the teacher made all that OK, because she was on her game, seemed reliable, and Lewis loved her.

The plot thickened today when I spoke with the teacher at dropoff and she informed me that all three of the other families are leaving the daycare now that she is leaving. They’re not following her to her new job, they’re just not staying if she doesn’t stay.

Umm… ok. WTF, daycare? What does this mean? Lewis will be the only child still enrolled at this daycare. Is it going to close? Why are they leaving? This mass exodus has me deeply concerned.

I will be talking to the owner of the facility tomorrow morning to see what the heck the plan is, but I am spending today calling around to other facilities (including our old one!) to put Lewis and the baby on waiting lists all over the place.

We can’t actually afford any of these alternative options, but if it comes down to it and switching is our only option for a safe, reliable, structured, stable childcare, then we will put the difference on credit and make it work.

This whole shakeup is so upsetting because we put so much careful thought and heartache into making the switch to this new place, and now it seems like it is possible that it was a bad decision that we can’t easily back out of.

I’m remaining as calm as possible until I speak to the daycare owner, because maybe she has a great plan and there is no problem. But just in case, I’m proactively trying to line up backup plans.

Sigh… I just want my babies to be well cared for without going bankrupt or wasting all of our time driving all over town. It doesn’t feel like a tall order, but it sure isn’t as easy as you’d think.

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