Quick Resolution

The daycare issue has been resolved. Quickly, thankfully.

I did a lot of sleuthing yesterday, including finding another one of the daycare moms on Facebook and chatting with her, and I found out that there was a lot more upsetting information than I knew when I originally posted here yesterday.

Without going into too many details, we simply do not feel that we can trust the daycare owner after so much information was withheld. The fact that I had to do any sleuthing at all to try to find out what was going to happen with my child’s care is just not acceptable for us.

Long story short, we are pulling Lewis from the new daycare and sending him to an even newer daycare. We found spots for Lewis (and baby) at several other places, which was nothing short of a miracle to do in just one day. One of the options we explored was following the current teacher to her new daycare, and that is the one we have chosen. Lewis starts Monday.

It is a real shame, because the daycare owner at the place we’re leaving is a very nice woman who clearly cares about the kids. And she is wonderful with the kids. But in the end, I need to know that my babies are in a stable environment with reliable care, and if there are changes, I need to be kept informed instead of being left to discover things on my own. Despite good intentions on the owners end – and after talking to her, I do truly believe she was doing her very best – the situation was handled so poorly that we just have to make our exit.

I feel confident that we’re making the right choice for our family. Poor Lewis will have to endure another change, but he is so adaptable and easygoing that I am sure he’ll do just fine, especially since the teacher will be the same. Off we go, onto the next adventure!