I’d like to amend part of today’s earlier post. Namely that we haven’t been able to leave Lewis alone to fall asleep in his new bed because he wanders. 

People, breaking news! Kyle got fed up and left the room for a breather while kiddo was still wide awake, and we didn’t hear a peep out of him after that.

I just went to tuck him in, 45 minutes later, fully expecting to find him on the floor. And behold! A child, fast asleep in his big boy bed, clutching his hot wheels car (we don’t really do teddy bears around here…).

A sight to see, truly. And a proud moment for Lewis’s history books.

This, along with the longest sentence he’s ever put together spilling out of his mouth earlier (“Please I have more yogurt, daddy”), makes for quite the eventful day in toddler land. What a grown up!

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