New favorite day

I have a new favorite day. It is called “Kid Free Wednesday”, and it is the day that I work from home while Lewis is at school.

Why is it my favorite day? Because I get so much done!

Yesterday, for example, was a glorious Kid Free Wednesday. I had energy oozing out of every pore and orifice. My very personhood was a ball of energy. I suspect it had something to do with the glorious 80 degree weather we saw here for the first time since last summer. As a matter of fact, we hadn’t even left the 60’s yet this spring before yesterday!

Anyway, who cares what the origins of the energy were – the energy was there, and that’s what matters. A true pregnancy miracle.

In between work tasks, I did more laundry and dishes than I care to disclose here, because if I did that, you would know how much I had let pile up. *blushes*

I also cleaned out and organized the freezer, because why not? I sorted the mail, scheduled the exterminator for another ant-control visit, cleaned out Lewis’ school bag, tidied the whole house, emptied every single garbage can we have, took out the recycling, folded the laundry I washed, cooked dinner from scratch (!!!), worked worked worked, went for a walk, showered, and did bedtime on my own since Kyle was playing softball.

You’d think all that would have killed me, but I already told you it was a pregnancy miracle – I felt fine! No abnormal aches and pains, no braxton hicks contractions, no extra-early bedtime, no complaining to the husband (who, by the way, was both amazed/grateful and a little mad at me for taking on so much myself while I’m in my “delicate” condition), nothing! I just rocked it all out.

Favorite day. Kid Free Wednesday. Hands down.

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