Hello from the hospital!

Guess who got sent to the ER for difficulty breathing! That’s right. Me!

I still say it’s just the damn vein in my back, but when you can’t even breathe comfortably when you’re sitting, doctors don’t really want you to tough it out, it turns out. So here I am.

I am guessing that after all the tests they’re running here we will finally be able to safely say whether there is anything serious. Just gotta get through the day, and then we will know.

I’m grateful to be in good hands. 


My subconscious is doing funny things. I thought I was mostly just annoyed by this heart rate monitor situation. Convinced that nothing is wrong and I’m just jumping through the hoops because, well, you always listen to your doctor when you’re incubating a little tiny baby.

Apparently I’m only convinced on the surface, because I had a terrible dream last night that I went into labor at 30 weeks and was hospitalized to try to keep the baby in as long as humanly possible using a bunch of scary medical interventions.

I wonder how the heart rate monitor logged that nightmare. I can’t imagine that my body was calm while my subconscious was running through that dream.

Anyway… a little over a day left of wearing the monitor, and then who knows how long until my doc gets the results and (probably) tells me that everything is fine. I just wish that the dizziness and difficulty breathing would stop so that my subconscious would calm down and accept that a compressed vein isn’t serious – just uncomfortable.