A better day

Well! I got home from the ER yesterday after about 7 hours and a million tests. They all came back normal, which is obviously fantastic news. The only downside is that the docs still don’t know how to fix me!

I was quite alarmed at my body when the ER nurse took me on my “walk” around the ER with all the monitors on me. My heart rate spiked with just a 2 minute slow lap around the nurses station. And it was scary to see how low it plummeted when I laid on my back briefly. It even spiked when I simply rolled from laying on one side to the other. I was all over the map.

Today is a new day, though, and while I have had brief periods of difficulty breathing, I have mostly been fine. I am enjoying being able to take a full, deep breath again. And because I work from home on Fridays, I am able to lay down on my side (the only position that helps consistently) and then I feel better and can move about again after not too long. Lewis has even cooperated and behaved well for me today so I could manage working, being a mom, and taking it easy. What a superstar he is!

I will be done with my heart rate monitor in less than an hour, and then this evening I will go turn it in to be analyzed. My OB is happy enough with the results from all the ER tests yesterday to decide we don’t need to do anything further until after the monitor results come back – she is reassured that baby and I are safe in the meantime. I agree with her wholeheartedly, and am only too happy to rest up this weekend and stay out of the hospital.

It is quite strange to feel this out of control of my body. And the sensation of not getting enough air is pretty terrifying. I’m enjoying the “good day” today, and hoping that we continue to get good test results and that baby stays safe and cozy in her little home in my belly. This incubator/mama is trying her very, very best to make sure baby has a comfy home for the next 3+ months.

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