26 weeks

The obligatory bump picture for you! Last week of the 2nd trimester. Go team!


Baby Girl has been kicking and rolling like crazy. I don’t expect to get sent back to Labor and Delivery for fetal monitoring due to “decreased fetal movement” this week like I did last week, that’s for sure!

Sweet angel is almost 2 lbs, according to the weekly emails. I also hear that she is still just fattening up and practicing using all her organs so they’re ready when she comes out. Keep up the good work, baby!

On the outside, her room changed a bit this week. Kyle broke down the second twin bed and put it in the closet, and he reassembled the crib and moved it into its (probable) final location. I hung up the pink banners from the “gender reveal” for a little fun pizzazz across the window. It is starting to look like a little baby is planning to come live in there. Makes my heart happy.


Speaking of my heart, I felt so much better this weekend! I don’t know if baby just moved off my vena cava or what, but I felt as normal as you can feel while pregnant. Happy to be back in that place.

We are waiting for the heart rate monitor results now, but I am seriously doubtful that they will find anything requiring any kind of treatment.

That all being said, I do have some minor/normal physical ailments that have come back. My hips, for example, are aching. I think it is time for a pillow between my legs while I sleep to try and alleviate some of that. (and maybe I shouldn’t go sleep in Lewis’ bed when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Cramming in that tiny bed with the crappy mattress with him can’t be good for my joints!)

Additionally, I’m pretty sure I’m coming down with a cold. Aside from sore throat/ears, it is really zapping my energy. I’m having one of those days where every time I succeed in moving, I am surprised. It is like my mind is independent from my body, with my body operating at a semi-normal pace, and my mind just watching it happen and not quite keeping up.

I’m so tired that I didn’t even realize that I wore my “house shoes” (AKA worn out old sandals) to work until I got to work. I looked like a hobo all day!


Maternity leave should start during pregnancy.


Lewis is adorable and exhausting. I’m honestly too tired to write about him this week. So let’s sum it up with:

Lewis is the same as last week, except he talks even more (!) and has been inconsistent with his sleep (both going down and staying down), but sleep still isn’t as bad as it has been at other phases of his life. Good job, Lewis. Keep doing your thing.