Es ist so weit…

Disclaimer: This post is going to sound complain-y. So prepare yourselves mentally, but also know that I am not throwing myself a pity-party over here. It’s all good in my hood. I’m just observing the new pregnancy phase I’ve entered!

We’ve gotten to the point of pregnancy (here comes the 3rd trimester!) where sleeping at night is tough even if circumstances are perfect.

Lewis has been a very good boy the last few days and hasn’t made a peep all night. Husband slumbers quietly and hasn’t been tossing and turning recently.

Me? Ha.

The past couple days have included a minor cold which has me drippy and coughy at night. But…that’s really the least of my sleep problems.

A typical night: Get up to pee. Fall asleep on right side. 30 minutes later, right hip hurts. Fully wake up to roll over and reposition the pillow between my knees. Fall asleep on left side. 45 minutes later, left hip hurts. Fully wake up to put pillow behind my bottom so I can maybe not rest on my hips, but maybe be propped up enough that I am not “laying on my back” and cut off circulation/make my heart race. Fall asleep. 1 hr later, get up to pee.

Rinse. Repeat!

Add to that the fact that Kyle and I think we have found the baby’s name and that has me so excited that my brain won’t shut off… PLUS the approaching 3rd trimester has me going 100 mph trying to figure out how to “get ready” (AKA “omg shut up, nesting instinct!”).

I mean, just no sleep. None at all.

Oh well. I remember this phase from last time with Lewis. So I knew it was coming, I just wasn’t sure what the timing would be. Turns out, we’re here now!

I know that no matter how little sleep I’m getting right now, Baby Girl will make sure I get less when she arrives. So I am going to treasure the “abundant” sleep I’ll be getting in the next three months! How about that for perspective. haha