28 weeks 

Lookie lookie. Baby is still cooking!


According to all the weekly emails, baby is about 2.5 lbs this week. It seems like she is fattening up at quite the fast pace! (So am I, for that matter) but it still feels like she has a long way to go before she is big enough, and not a lot of time to get there!

Baby has been dancing around in my belly. Not as nonstop as in earlier months, but still plenty to keep things interesting! She even jabbed me so hard the other day I doubled over. And as I mentioned in my previous post, I caught some hiccups for the first time.


I have been ok. My “episodes” are pretty infrequent, although I had one today that even came with a headache, which is not normally part of the equation. Very unpleasant! 

My sister in law and brother in law came and grabbed Lewis to take him to the zoo with his cousins so I was free to rest (So desperately needed), and Kyle got a break from being “on” all the time. He has been doing double duty on parenting this weekend while I’ve been pretty low key, trying to cram in horizontal time at every possible moment. 

The horizontal time has felt pretty necessary even on days I haven’t had “episodes” due to all the contractions. They have still been going strong every time I stand up. The only sure fire way to stop them is to lay down. Sigh.

I have my appointment with the perinatologist tomorrow morning, and then my regular OB appointment on Wednesday, complete with my gestational diabetes screening. I’m nervous about having GD, but I am even more nervous that I am going to end up on some variety of bed rest. 

We will see what they say, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they told me to work from home full-time, and I honestly do see why it might be necessary. I really do feel better when I lay down. And driving back and forth to the office when I don’t know when an “episode” will strike is probably not ideal or safe. I should probably just be home as much as possible so I can lay down when I need to.


Lewis is doing awesome. Same as last week, and a delight. He has his little moments, but I am impressed with his resilience, bravery, and kindness. Those traits far outweigh his tough toddler moments.

We did discover this week that he is terrified of bees. I didn’t even know he had seen one before, but he freaked out at the proximity of a rather large one yesterday. Sweet boy. He jumped into Grammy’ s arms and cried and cried. Eventually he said to Grammy that he was going to “talk to mommy” and I grabbed him and we talked about how he was feeling. Then he was all better. It was pretty adorable.

He also fell a couple times at the park and ended up with some boo boos, including bloodshed. He recovered unbelievably quickly, given the tumbles he took. I wouldn’t have blamed him for blubbering for 4 times as long, but he got it together and got back into action. Astonished me!

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