Eventful morning 

We had a roaring start to the day around here!

First, Lewis fell out of bed just before 6 and bonked his nose. I swear I was the fastest pregnant lady on earth when I heard the splat. I was out of bed and in his room before he even started crying. 

Then we spent about 30 minutes in our bed with Lewis plastered on top of me recovering (and waking up!). 

Once he was awake, he asked if daddy needed to go potty. When I told him no, he said, “I want to go potty”.

So I took him to his potty, stripped off his diaper, which was completely dry after the whole night, and he sat on the potty and emptied his whole bladder!

Wow! Dry diaper at night, asked to go potty, and actually went. That feels like a big, big deal!

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