Being Lewis’ mom was easy this morning. It was so sweet and special that I’m feeling a bit sentimental.

After Kyle retrieved Lewis, changed his diaper, and got him dressed, Lewis came running into our room where I was still in bed and launched into a monologue:

“Daddy get me. I was wet, wet, wet. He changed my diaper! Now I’m a frog. RIBBIT!”

When he said ribbit, he jumped up on the bed and started hopping around on his hands and knees like a frog. Then he came over to me, gave me a big kiss and hug, and said “I love you a LOT!”

The rest of the morning he was just generally agreeable, ate his breakfast, shared his cars with me and Kyle, and made me do heart-eyes at him all the while.

On the way to school, he waved hello and bye bye to every store and city bus we passed.

He’s so cute I could just die!

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