36 weeks

Hi! Baby Sister and I have been hanging out together for 36 weeks now. We’re best pals!


She’s still in there! That means she’s stayed put all the way until my “minimum goal” of 36 weeks. I’m very pleased with that!

Sweet angel has been moving around a lot still. Mostly slow stretches, but a few jabs here and there that bring me to my knees. I was at my mom’s house yesterday and we all had a little scare when Baby Sister did something so violent that I cried out and doubled over in the middle of a conversation. After that, my belly hurt to touch (pain at like an 8 or 9 out of 10!). So mom, awesome L&D nurse that she is, sat with me and assessed what was happening until Baby Sister moved and we knew for sure that a jabby body part was the only culprit and nothing else had happened. Phew!

The biggest baby news this week is that the nursery is finished. All done! Nothing left! Complete! BEAUTIFUL!!!

I will take pictures soon and do a nursery “reveal” post separately. Stay tuned!


Eww. I’m sick. I’m 36 weeks pregnant, it is 90 degrees outside, and I have a cold! What cruelty! Today has consisted of sitting around (and working, because c’est la vie), contracting, sweating, blowing my nose, not being able to hear through my stuffed up ears, wishing I could take some cold medicine, trying not to drift off to sleep during work hours, and willing labor to stay away.

Woe is me. Come to my pity party.

No going into labor until the cold is gone!


He’s still 2. Which means he’s still all over the place!

Yesterday, for example, he didn’t want to eat anything but graham crackers and milk all day long. Then we went over to Kyle’s mom’s house, and suddenly he was ravenous. He ended up eating half a cheese/bacon stuffed hamburger, a bunch of french fries, a juice box, a yogurt/fruit popsicle, and 2.5 cheese sticks. Whew!

He’s been super moody lately (perhaps from not eating? ha!), and going to sleep has been a bit funny. So we’re wondering if the long-awaited 2-year-old molars might possibly be thinking about making an appearance. But it’s so hard to say, since two year olds are just moody by default sometimes!

Kiddo has entered a “daddy daddy daddy” phase. I am thrilled with the timing, and I hope it sticks. I’m not really up to much these days, so it’s nice that Lewis isn’t disappointed in my lack of participation. He’s totally satisfied with adventures (or as Lewis says, “ventures”) with daddy. If this trend continues, Baby Sister’s arrival might not be too jarring for Lewis!

We seem to have gotten him to a very good place ahead of Baby Sister’s arrival. We talk a lot about mommy and daddy going to the hospital for a couple days, how he’ll play with Grammy and drink juice, and then when we all go home, Baby Sister will come with us. He has his mind wrapped around the concept as much as you can expect. When we talk generally about Baby Sister, he always brings up how he’ll go to Grammy’s. So that connection seems to be well established and he seems comfortable with it. But we will see how it actually goes when it is game time. Connecting an abstract concept to reality is quite advanced!

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