Nursery Reveal

I have recovered enough from my cold (day 3 – I’m an efficient machine! Can’t keep me down long!) that I finally had the energy to take pictures of the completed nursery AND write a post about all the beauty there is to behold. Consider yourself warned – there are many, many exclamation points, and way too much excitement on my end. I blame the hormones. Enjoy!

I figured we should start off with a panorama 360° view so you can see the whole thing and get a feel, and then go into some close-ups and talk deets. You may need to click/tap on this first pic to really be able to take it all in. After that, I’ll put little blurbs after each image giving you the low-down on everything.

So let’s start our “zoomed-in” tour by the door, shall we? The first detail is a painting I did with my “mama’s night out” group a few months back. It is hanging by the door, cut off on the left side of the image above. I’d include a detail shot of that, except that it is “art” by me, and that’s just embarrassing – hence the chosen location of behind the door. It doesn’t need a spotlight, but I am still proud to have made it myself for Baby Sister’s room.

The next (well, probably the first if we’re being honest) detail you’ll notice is the polka dot wall! This is by far my favorite feature of the nursery. I found the decals online at a place called UrbanWall, and they’re amazing. Kyle and I had the best time slapping them up on the wall kind of haphazardly, and we could not be happier with how they turned out. Lewis even helped put a couple up!

This next image is kind of a continuation of the previous, so I’ll just pick up where I left off – the mirror!! This was from my dad. He brought it to our house two Christmases ago, and we stuffed it in a closet, unsure of where its home should be. As soon as we found out we were having a girl, I knew this gigantic wall was the perfect place for the gigantic gold mirror, and that everything that can possibly be gold should be gold. It was an inspiration piece, of sorts.

We snagged a navy blue cube shelf to match the hand-me-down crib and provide some much-needed organization. There are currently a handful of books (more to come, I’m sure!), a baby’s milestones book, a lone decoration, and 4 bins in pink and gold to match the room (only two with contents at the moment – one with burp rags and one with baby toys). I’m sure the shelves and bins will fill up with things naturally over time.

Here is a slightly blurry close-up of the chair corner. The chair is from Lewis’ infant days, and has been replaced in his room with a “big boy chair” for reading stories and snuggling. We figured the cushy chair was vital to surviving night time feedings with Baby Sister just like it was while Lewis was tiny.

The lamp is Lewis’ favorite part of the room, because it is magical. It doesn’t have a switch, but instead sports a “touch” feature. Lewis loves to do his “magic trick” and poke the lamp to turn it on and off, followed by millions of toddler belly-giggles. You can’t see it, but the lampshade has a geometric gold design on it which is really subtle and pretty.

You can also see the cord which goes up to the video monitor in this picture, as well as a side table which moved from Lewis’ room to Baby Sister’s room, since Lewis doesn’t really need two of them. The side table sports a neat volcano-shaped nightlight, a digital clock, and the transmitter portion of the audio monitor (same as Lewis’, just a different color). I even managed to find a gold garbage can, which was disproportionately thrilling to me.

This image pans slightly to the right to show how we re-used the decorations from Baby Sister’s gender reveal party as window decor in the nursery. We’ve also got a lovely view out the window, a hand-me-down mamaroo rocker that will surely be relocated to the living room when Baby Sister arrives, and Baby Sister’s Adirondack chair. I’m sure you remember Lewis’ red one which we used for this monthly pictures – we found this pink one to recycle the idea for Baby Sister! And I am so excited that they each have their own! Tiny chairs really tickle my fancy.

This lovely picture was taken from the doorway of the nursery. Your first view when you walk in is this jam-packed wall of stuff. I don’t love how smooshed together it all ended up being, but I think it will be very functional, and we couldn’t figure out a more aesthetically pleasing way to place everything, so voila and herumph – here it is!

We chose this location for the crib for maximum noise control, because it is the furthest away from Lewis’ room and from the hallway in general. We’ve also got the dresser, which is the same as the one in Lewis’ room (just white instead of navy), a gigantic diaper pail, and a laundry tower. Off to the right of this image is the closet, which I’ll spare you a picture of, since who wants to see a full closet? No one, that’s who.

Here is a close-up of the crib. It was Lewis’ before the big boy bed moved in, but it is in fabulous shape because he never turned into a crib-gnawer (yay!). There is something about both my babies sleeping in the same crib that makes me well up a little, too (dang hormones). We have 5 fantastic options for crib sheets to help us survive the 3 P’s (Puke, Poop, and Pee), but I decided to start off with the polka dots since they match the polka dot wall on the other side of the room.

This picture also shows the lovely handmade quilt my mother-in-law made for Baby Sister, which I’m quite certain will be pictured in more detail during Baby Playtime in upcoming months.

Oh, what’s that above the crib, you ask!? Why those are the Star Wars pictures we picked up at Portland Saturday Market! Yes, that’s C3PO basking in a field of wildflowers and two storm troopers on a tandem bike riding through an alpine field. Thank you for noticing!

Here are a few little close-ups of the knobs on the dresser. OMG SO PRETTY, RIGHT?! Those were a killer Amazon find, and at first I was totally bummed that the blue ones only came in a set of 10 or 25, because I needed 12 (although they sent 11 when I ordered 10…so weird)! But then I found the pink ones in a set of two and, well, problem solved! *swoon*

Here’s a shot of above the dresser. We’ve got the standard-issue changing pad with a cover to match the sheets, and a wipes container. I expect you don’t need an explanation about what those will be used for. Ha!

I also found a gold desk organizer that works great for things like diaper cream, stain remover, hand sanitizer, butt spray and other necessities while still looking pretty. Above all that is this super fun, round, gold shelf that I couldn’t resist on sale at Target. I decided it would be a great place for both fun decorations and useful items at the same time.

Lastly, you’ll see on top of the laundry tower there is a white noise machine strategically tucked/hidden behind two matching gold bowls in different sizes where we are keeping Baby Sister’s headgear – one bowl for bows, and one bowl for hats. And did you see the itty bitty tiny adorable sunglasses?! I die. I swear. Too cute.

So that’s it! That’s the nursery! I’m pleased to my core with how it turned out, and Kyle and I – okay, Lewis too! – had a wonderful time putting it together.


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