37 weeks

My goodness. I’m still pregnant!


Baby Sister is still really hurting me with some of her kicks and punches and rolls. I’m glad she’s active, of course, but it can be very embarrassing to experience a particularly rough jab to the inside of my belly button when I’m out in public. When she really gets me like that, tears spring to my eyes and I can’t really focus on the world around me.  I prefer to laugh off the discomforts of pregnancy as much as possible, but with these moments I really can’t, and it feels like I’m being silly and people must think I’m needlessly calling attention to myself or exaggerating. Whether they actually think that or not, the idea that they might be thinking that is quite humiliating to me.

Other than her mean streak, everything is great with Baby Sister! 37 weeks means she is officially early-term. I’m not exactly sure what that means except that she’s more cooked and more ready to come out than ever – but each day counts! So while I’m very excited to meet her (oh! and the excitement is intense!), I’m definitely not desperate for her to come out if she doesn’t feel ready.


The end truly does feel near now, and I find my mind constantly analyzing to detect signs of labor. Among other causes, I wake up nearly every hour all night long wondering if my water has broken, or if I just dreamt it. And the whole day is spent wrestling with these damn contractions.

After yesterday’s uterine shenanigans, I found out at the doctor today that I am 1.5 (ish) cm dilated now. Cervix hasn’t really thinned much, but at least there is a bit of movement in the dilation arena. It makes all the contractions feel worth it.

My cold is still lingering, and besides a phlegmy cough, my sinuses are really hurting. I can’t hardly think because the pain is so intense. Doc fixed me up with some antibiotics for a sinus infection, along with some Ambien to help me sleep, because this fatigue is unreal and I need to get some better stretches of sleep to store up some kind of energy for labor.

And again, I embarrassed myself – Total hormonal/emotional meltdown at the doctor’s office today. I’m just a mess with this sinus pain and the fatigue. Hopefully there is relief in sight and I can get myself back together. I’m barely functioning at the moment, and it is not a good place to be.

The good news is that the swelling in my feet hasn’t gotten any worse, and baby and I both measure within healthy limits. So doc is happy with us, and as soon as the sinuses and fatigue are in check, we should be back to just standard pregnancy gripes, which I would welcome at this point!


I’m torn between tooting Lewis’ horn for how awesome he is, and complaining about his bedtime issues the past few nights. In the interest of staying positive, I guess I’ll focus on the fun stuff from this week. But because I’m so tired, it will be brief and in list format.

  • Lewis visited a fire station for a school friend’s birthday party and it was so special and fun and he loved it and won’t stop talking about it.
  • Kyle took Lewis on another adventure. In Lewis’ eyes, it’s only an adventure if it has a waterfall, so Kyle made sure it had one, and Lewis loved it and won’t stop talking about it.
  • Kiddo has been eating tons.We went to my mom’s house and he devoured all kinds of things I didn’t expect him to touch (shrimp, tomatoes, pasta salad, bread, etc). This is way more fun than him not eating anything. Let’s hope it lasts!
  • He’s all about the hugs. So, so many hugs. I usually get 8-10 before I’m allowed to leave him at daycare in the morning. Kyle gets just as many when he is leaving for work.
  • Somewhere, kiddo learned that he should hold the door open for people. So when I leave him at daycare, he always gives me one last hug and then holds the door open for me while I leave. My tiny gentleman!

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