Oh dear. I’ve lost my mind.

I made a mistake earlier today of reading a Facebook thread about various women’s experiences with early labor – what they felt/knew at the time, and what they recognized in hindsight.

It has given me phantom symptoms ever since! Every little twinge (this is a real contraction!), every little thought (I just know today is the day), each dish I do (I’m nesting), clearly I’m in labor.

Good Lord. Calm yourself, woman!

But I have had one true sign of things being set in motion (TMI, coming up!) – My mucus plug is coming out in bits! I remember this from my pregnancy with Lewis. It is exactly the same! Of course, with him, there was still plenty of waiting left after this happened, so I’m not exactly rallying the troops and heading to the hospital. There could be days/weeks still before labor starts. But it feels so exciting that there is something happening that I can’t second guess as “in my head” or “made up”.

This level of sustained excitement and anticipation is really intense. I am on the edge of my seat, and it almost feels like a constant adrenaline rush. I just can’t wait. There is little-to-no fear, unlike with Lewis, and I’m basically in a prolonged state of elation. I GET TO MEET MY BABY SOON. My baby! And I know what birth can be like, and I know how to take care of a brand new person, so there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just JOY.

So cross your fingers, my friends. There is a full moon on Monday, and full moons pull babies out of people. I could be one of those people! Meeting my baby! On Monday! Under the full moon! YEEEEE!!!!

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