Spent most of the night awake, counting contractions. So many contractions. But not regular yet, just annoying and frequent enough to fool me and keep me from sleeping.

And less than 2 hours after finally falling back asleep, Baby Sister decided to wake up and do some interpretive dance in my belly.

This exhaustion is familiar from the first (nearly) 2 years of Lewis’s life. Game on, folks. At least I know I can survive it now!

And the boys are up and gone already at 6:40, off to get Gramps for the “cars and coffee” meetup and a trip to some sort of car museum. So if I happen to fall back asleep on the couch, it’s not a problem. 

Plus I have a date with girlfriends for pedicures and lunch to look forward to later. That should be relaxing and lovely. I’ll get through this day. Thumbs up!

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