Still Pregnant!

The full moon didn’t get us. Baby is still in there!

Lewis also slept waaaaaaaaaaaay better last night (AKA all the way through!), so I was able to get some much better rest. I still woke up a million times from contractions (ouch!), but I got to go back to sleep.

Feeling better rested = better equipped for labor. So I guess you could say I’m glad the full moon didn’t get us. I’d rather go into it with a “gas tank” that is more than 1/4 full. I’d say today we’re at 3/4, which seems like a solid starting point.

We’ll see what the day brings!

One thought on “Still Pregnant!

  1. me too friend, me too! Babies apparently need some more time “baking” before we get to meet them…hang in there 🙂 glad you got some rest last night, hoping i get some tonight!


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