Still. Pregnant.

Baby Sister is still in there.

I think she’s down a little lower today, since I’m waddling around like a penguin and feeling quite a bit of pressure.

Also still riding the contractions train. They hurt a lot more this morning when I was in bed, but now that I’m up and about and they don’t hurt like that I think I can conclude that they only hurt that badly because I was laying on my side with my belly unsupported. Darn. I was kind of excited, because more painful = game time.

I also thought I might have a small amniotic fluid leak last night. But again, no such luck. Just regular pregnancy discharge. Gross.

Can you tell I’m eager to get the show on the road? I’m imagining labor signs right and left! It feels like I’m going to cry “wolf” to myself so many times that when it is real, I won’t believe it and I’ll end up giving birth in the car.

Yikes. Just scared myself. Signing off.