Am I nesting?

I just mended holes in two of Kyle’s shirts, organized under my sink, organized all of the drawers in our bathroom by category using little bins, cleaned out the medicine cabinet to discard expired meds, organized the bandaids separately, organized all the leftover paper plates and napkins etc from various parties, did all the dishes, and put away a bunch more baby clothes in labeled bins.

That’s gotta be nesting, right?

So… baby tonight maybe?!?!

No baby yet 

I am officially on maternity leave, but there is no baby yet!

Yesterday was my last scheduled day of work, and I am so relieved. It feels wonderful to have nothing to do but wait for Baby.

Kyle had to work late last night, so Lewis and I got a special evening together just the two of us. We ate veggie pizza in front of his favorite movie (Robots), and Lewis’s only complaint was that there was no broccoli (whaaaaat?!). Then kiddo had a couple cookies and we snuggled and played until bedtime. A couple stories, and then he put himself to sleep. It was such an easy, peaceful night, and one that I’ll cherish in my memories as one of our last with him as an only child.

Baby watch 2017 continues!