39 weeks 

Still pregnant!


She is still in there. Lots of movement and hiccups. Checked out great at the doctor today. Fully cooked and ready at “full term” as of today!


I am pretty ready to be done with pregnancy, but feeling generally a lot more cheerful about everything now that I’m done working. Taking that stressor off my plate has made me feel much more at ease, and that has, in turn, made me feel better equipped to handle the waiting. 

But I’m cool with the wait ending whenever! However, there are no indications that the end is in the immediate future. I checked out exactly the same as last week by the doctor’s estimation – 2 cm and basically not effaced. 

I’m not too concerned about the “lack” of progress though, because I was 1 cm for weeks with Lewis before my water broke, and then it took me 5 hours of labor at the hospital to get to 2 cm! So I’m already rocking and rolling compared to last time. And experience tells me that progress at this stage doesn’t really mean much for “go time”, although it is nice that my body has prepped at least a little!

My buddy Shalyce had her baby today and I was lucky enough to get to go visit the little squish + family. Snuggling a perfect little peanut baby definitely heightened my emotional readiness for our own baby! Plus it would be fun to be in the hospital with our nuggets at the same time, just down the hall from each other.

My dad and little brother are both in town now too, so the troops are rallied. Really, it’s time. Everything is all set! Just missing that baby, is all!


Kiddo was all over the map emotionally this past weekend. Kyle and I are doing our best to savor the happy, less challenging moments and pretend the rough spots didn’t happen so we can soak in as much of his “only childness” as possible while we can.

In general, kiddo is still sweet and saying hilarious things all the time, but I don’t have any particular highlights to share off the top of my head right now. I just love that kid. That’s a pretty good summary. 

And I am dying to introduce him and Baby Sister to each other. I can’t wait to see how that goes and to hear what Lewis has to say about all of it!!

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