Hello… baby?

Still no baby. The wait continues. 

I feel strongly that tomorrow is the day, but I’ve been wrong before. 

The stars seem aligned for tomorrow to be a great birthday. My own doctor is on call, it is a prime number day (that’s a family superstition), my little brother and dad will still be in town, it’s close to the same proximity to my due date as I experienced with Lewis, Kyle has work all squared away… let’s do this!

My contractions have been increasing in intensity this evening, which is a good sign. But I have also been out and about, so getting in bed and laying down may quiet everything and calm my suspicions. 

I’m trying not to jump to conclusions.

But I did spend a lot of the day reading stories of how other women’s water broke, which did nothing to calm my excitement for labor to start.

In the event that Baby Sister doesn’t come on her own, we now have an induction scheduled for the evening of the 27th. That feels an awful long way away, so I would like to think that I won’t need that appointment. But I suppose anything is possible!

Send me good birthing thoughts for tomorrow. I feel very positive about tomorrow.