Pep talkĀ 

I just gave Baby Sister a pep talk. It was exactly this time in my pregnancy with Lewis that Kyle gave Lewis a similar pep talk to encourage him to come meet us, because we were ready. 3 hours later my water broke and the rest is history.

I’m hoping for a repeat performance this time. Lewis was a good listener and followed daddy’s instructions, so maybe our sweet girl will follow suit and we will get to meet her tomorrow.

How fun would it be to have them both exactly 3 days before their respective due dates? 

Anyway, I can always dream, can’t I? 

No action yet

I’m still feeling optimistic about today, but there was no action overnight to inspire a hospital trip.

That’s not to say that my sleep wasn’t totally disturbed by my uterus all night long. Because it definitely was. But things haven’t turned regular yet, so I just camped out in bed, wide awake.

The disturbance continues this morning. After I dropped the kid off at daycare, I went to the grocery store to walk around a little bit to try to get things going even more. I was supremely uncomfortable, but alas – not heading to the hospital.

I did, however, stock up on a bunch of healthy-ish freezer meals to supplement the stash I already have. I got a bunch of Amy’s Organic individual microwave meals to get me full meals with some reasonable nutritional value in a matter of minutes once the baby comes. I remember from last time that quick and easy was paramount, and I also remember feeling like the meal deliveries from friends and family tapered off long before I felt capable of managing my own cooking. So this is my strategy to deal with it this time around. I’m feeling good about it!

Now if this darn baby would just get out.