We are home!

We got discharged today!

I got my catheter out in the morning and successfully peed on my own, which meant I was cleared for departure early in the day. Ellen didn’t have her testing done until later in the afternoon, so we weren’t sure we’d get to go until that was finished and the results were in, but she passed with flying colors and we were on our way home by 515 pm.

Ellen was a star on the drive home, quiet as could be. And Lewis was so, so excited when we came through the door. He immediately asked to see her, and quickly moved on to wanting to hold her.

He even spontaneously proclaimed that he liked her in between laps around the living room. *swoon*

Kyle’s dad had taken over from his mom on Lewis duty in the afternoon, so he stayed for dinner, which was hauled in by my mom and her husband. I enjoyed a delicious glass of wine along with my meal, and we all enjoyed being home together.

Now Lewis is snoozing for the night and I’m trying to get Ellen to sleep as well so I can catch a few zzz’s myself. It’s a little tricky because her appetite is on a different pace than my milk, so she comes off the breast unsatisfied. A hungry baby is not easy to get to sleep, so we will see how tonight goes! Let’s all cross fingers for my milk to come tomorrow so I can keep up with my chunky angel’s demands.

It’s a happy day over here at our house!

The kind, lovely nurse took Ellen to the nurse’s station for 1.5 hours so I could rest. I was starting to worry about my ability to cope and care for both Baby’s needs and my own on so little sleep, but I’m back on track now thanks to that break.

After the 1.5 hour kick start, Ellen came back in snoozing so I got another couple hours as a lovely bonus before a wake up call. She’s back asleep now, but in my arms, so I think I’m done for the moment.
Feeling grateful for the rest and for our nurse. Life is looking pretty good after some shut eye!

I have slept 1.25 hrs in the last 42 hrs. I’m the remaining 40.75 hours, I pushed out a huge ass baby.

Mama needs a nap. But Baby Ellen says, “nope”. I’m gonna cluster feed on day one instead of sleeping nonstop like a normal baby because I am a giant and I would like to stay that way.

Good thing I love her!