Milk drunk 

I think we have our first milk-drunk moment!

How did we get to this glorious moment? Kiddo went almost 7 hours without eating overnight! 

Before we start dancing and assume that means mom and dad got 7 hrs of sleep, please understand that that’s not to say Ellen didn’t wake up. Because she did. We had a poopy diaper, a leaked-through, pee-filled diaper and she was puking quite a bit. We had several outfit changes and a full bassinet sheet change as a result. Just no eating.

I didn’t force her to eat because her tummy seemed upset and she didn’t seem interested in the slightest. And at one point I tried to rouse her for feeding because it had been so long and she wouldn’t even wake up. Tiny weirdo.

That waiting between feedings resulted in one of two things:

A) my milk did not come in, but it had been long enough since she ate that my colostrum had time to store up for her to really enjoy


B) my milk did have time to come in and she is going to be a much happier camper in general.

Either way, I heard good gulping and swallowing noises, and she is passed out and content now. Yay!

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