Hello, milkĀ 

Hooray! (And ouch!) My milk came in last night! I noticed it this morning as I hunched over my vomit covered baby with my boobs hanging out and my nipples started to drip. 

Man, I make motherhood sound glamorous, don’t I?

Well, Ellen continues to be a barf machine at night time, and our washer continues to run nonstop. In addition to the barfing sending me that way, the breastfeeding pain and some other physical signs are making me nervous about Ellen’s latch and possible tongue tie, so we are heading to the lactation consultant tomorrow to make sure we’re on the right track.

I’m glad to have that scheduled because the milk coming in has brought a wave of hormones which make me feel really sad and anxious. It feels better to be doing something proactive to battle the anxiety. 

The sadness however, is a different beast. I remember from last time that it is just something I have to ride out. But it is so confusing and uncomfortable to feel so sad when you know you’re actually quite happy. 

Anyway, at least I can work on the anxiety! And my milk coming in is a huge relief too!