We’re doing this!

It is midnight and I have already gotten 1.5 hours of sleep. And those 1.5 hours were all in one stretch! Outlook on life, improved significantly.

However, we are having major latch issues today due to engorgement making my breasts too hard for Ellen to suck on. But we are working through the 10-20 minute process each time and eventually she gets on and gets fed. It’s rough, for sure.

We did visit the lactation consultant today and find that by their diagnostic matrix, Ellen does have tongue and lip tie just like her brother did, and the recommended solution is getting that snipped. I am happy to have my suspicions confirmed, but the ties are making the latches we do succeed in achieving quite painful.

Between the engorgement and the tongue/lip ties, it has not been an easy day for me, breastfeeding wise. It was also a super busy day generally, managed on very little sleep, but the busy-ness meant we got a partial diagnosis from the lactation consultant (doc needs to confirm and refer to no specialist for procedure still), got Lewis’s haircut, had newborn photos taken, and got visits from a bunch of family members too. It was worth it, and I’m proud to say that I only cried once very briefly despite my exhaustion and the hormones trying to drag me down.

Go me!

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