Day 10

Day 10 was a good day. Highlights: 

  • Kyle and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary with a lunch date while my mom babysat. Both kids slept the whole time, but we were so happy to get out and be together. We had sushi, went to Target, picked up some bagels, and went home. Simple, but lovely. 
  • I am down nearly 30 lbs already 
  • Related – my swelling in my feet is completely gone 
  • Also related – I can finally see a defined neck when I look in the mirror. It isn’t just cheeks melting into shoulders anymore!
  • Baby Sister had her first bath in the real tub (aka not a sponge bath)
  • Kyle tidied up the house and it looks amazing
  • I wrote out my birth story and I think that helped me start processing some of the emotions related to that experience, which feels really significant 

    One un-highlight:

    • Turns out Ellen doesn’t tolerate asparagus in my breastmilk, just like her brother didn’t. There was asparagus in the sushi we ate, and Ellen projectile volcano-vomited immediately after she fed following our sushi meal. Multiple times. The whole feed came up. We bottle fed her for two subsequent feedings from milk I had stored, and I pumped and discarded my asparagus tainted milk for two feedings. That seemed to do the trick. And now I am beginning another year + without asparagus. Oh well!

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