Bye bye weekend

Kyle went back to work last Thursday and eased into things with a 2 day week. I’m sure if you asked him, he would say it was anything but easy, but it beats a 5 day week!

Lewis was in school as usual those days, and Ellen and I got some quality time together. I wanted to have a similar one-on-one bonding period to the one I had with Lewis this time around with Ellen. And I feel really lucky that we are able to afford to keep Lewis in daycare so I can fulfill that wish. It is so special to be with just Ellen and get to know her so closely. 

Daycare doesn’t open early enough for Kyle to take Lewis in the mornings, so that falls on me. The first two days went great, and I really enjoyed dropping him off for two reasons. 1) I get to be an active part of Lewis’s day and 2) it acts as a marker for the start of my day so it doesn’t just melt into one long sweatpants-fest.

The weekend was a different party entirely. All four of us were reunited, and it was lovely. We didn’t do much, but it was great to be together and start to figure out what our new dynamic looks like. I think we’re starting to find a good rhythm, the four of us!

Lewis has continued to act out, but we are working hard on getting that back under control. He is doing silly things like refusing to walk down the stairs on his own, screaming and whining about everything, being defiant and ignoring directions, following us around like a shadow, needing us to come back in several times before he will fall asleep… I think all of it is a reaction to Ellen’s arrival and the focus not being on him 100% anymore. He doesn’t show any resentment towards Ellen, but it is clear he is feeling the change. 

Ellen continues to eat nonstop and blow my mind with her appetite and sheer size. She’s a beast! She does spit up/vomit a lot still. She’s been projectile vomiting at least once per day, sparking some speculation in my mind about whether there may be some foods I shouldn’t eat. For sure asparagus is out, but I also think I’ve noticed a correlation with bean-heavy meals. So I’m trying to limit beans, which is tricky for a vegetarian!!

Ellen has also developed a habit of waking up super early in the morning every single day and having a marathon pooping/puking/cluster feeding session, and after the bodily fluids are done, it is all often accompanied by extremely loud sleeping. Think grunts and whines and snorts. For hours. She’s sleeping, but Kyle and I are not.

Ugh. Let’s hope that goes better tonight. 

The funniest news of the weekend is how obsessed I am with my slender ankles! I forgot how slim they were before pregnancy!!! So The return to normal is a fun surprise. I thought all my swelling was gone before, but it has gone down even more and now every time I look at my feet I am shocked with how thin my ankles and feet are. Everything else is still pretty squishy, so the sight of my tiny ankles is hilariously exciting to me. I delight in the sight of them! Ha!

Tonight Kyle went off to his dad’s after putting Lewis in bed. It seemed like everything was under control when he left. I was in bed feeding Ellen and planning to go to sleep. Lewis was in bed falling asleep. All good, right?


Ellen vomited everywhere. All over the bed. New sheets and outfits required. Lewis starts crying for daddy. Ellen starts crying. I’m still covered in puke.

Triage time. Where do I go first?! 

Ellen into her rocker. Me in new clothes. Into Lewis’s room, convince him that a couple stuffed animals are as good as daddy and/or sleeping in our bed (he never sleeps in our bed!! Why did he want that?!). Run back to our room. Strip bed, remake bed. Change Ellen’s jammies. Snuggle Ellen and hope she’ll sleep. 
Crisis averted, but I’m still sitting here waiting for Ellen to fall asleep. So much for my plan to be asleep by 730 to make up for the early morning! It’s already 830. Darn! But listen… I handled that situation like a boss. 

I’m bummed the weekend is over and I have to send my boys off tomorrow. But at the same time, I’m looking forward to mommy and Ellen time!

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